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Covid + Thought = Extremely Lethal Combination

Concerned Global Citizen
3 min readDec 3, 2020


Money — that ever so present, dominant, oppressive, brutal, inhumane, absolutely toxic and lethal system in its own right which pervades the entire planet like a deadly man-made gravity.
The whole “economic” system — indeed our entire way of life is based on the acquiring, and accumulation of this caustic and corrosive man-made substance and system of thought.

How long before humanity will come to its senses?

Please examine this closely, and you should see that at the root of it all, lies the movement of desire and fear which is the movement of thought.

Desire and fear then remove us from the present moment, and when this occurs we are “inattentive” and so are more prone to accident, more prone to injuring ourselves and anything else.

There appears to be no depth to the amount of pain, suffering, and sorrow we endure.


Because we humans are basically “thought junkies.”


The virus abides by truth, and only truth. The virus only abides by the fact of “what is.”

We talk about how much we value life, and then we either intentionally, or inadvertently (due to ignorance) stamp it out all over the place. No wonder the author feels that this planet is a suicidal insane asylum.

The very thing we depend upon and look too for “structure” and “order”, and therefore “safety” and “security”, is the very thing that is causing “great insecurity” and “disorder.”

Most everyone appears to feel that there’s nothing that can be done about our predicament, yet we keep having “hope” and repeating the same old things, again in “hopes” that they will finally one day actually “work.”

Hope springs eternal — in the meantime life will be wiped out on the planet.

To overcome the virus, humanity must see itself the way the virus sees us.

The virus basically treats ALL humans the same as one human organism…, as one human “body.”

Since this entire human body is only as strong as its weakest link, everyone’s safety depends on the safety of everyone else. We now see the “interdependence” of “safety.”, and how safety for the one, is safety for the “all”.