Rule #1 When Seeking To Avoid A Dictatorship: Don’t Invite Someone Into Power Who Can’t Let Go of It

Donald Trump is the embodiment of our culture coming back to haunt us.

Trump was referred to as the great “I am” by his older brother Fred. For Trump and those humans raised with the same or similar influences, it’s all about “winning”, not “loosing”, and to what lengths one will go to to ensure that they always remain on the “winning side”.

A culture of constant pushing, winning and losing, competition, comparison, greed, envy, corruption, exploitation, dissatisfaction, cruelty, violence, brutality, striving for more, and to be the best appears to have a grotesque effect on a human mind. It appears to bend, twist, and warp the human mind in such a way that renders it incapable of “self-regulating” in any way. In other words, it breeds an “uncontrollable monster”.

The role of “President” requires that the human who occupies it, does so for only a time. That is, there comes a time when they must peacefully relinquish the role/office and retire into obscurity. For personality types like that of Trump, this sort of behavior is just not possible.

Societies’ rules just don’t work for them, they’d rather make up there own and they’re not shy about doing it.

Because of the “law of opposites” and the fact that, once one obtains power they must then forever be concerned with maintaining it, dictators must forever have to worry about this “shadow of loss” of their control.

Why is it we don’t seem able to discern the sort of personality type that could potentially bring about great destruction? Might it be that we’re blinded by our own projections of such an individual?

What makes these sorts of folks especially dangerous is that they are so incredibly insecure that they eventually become so completely paranoid that they wind up suspecting that every other human is out to get them. Before long they can wind up feeling like a wild animal that’s been cornered with a “me against the world” mentality. And if, and when this happens — heaven help us (if you believe in that sort of thing).

The world is full of these types of humans that obtain and hold on to power by any means necessary, and then intend on keeping it forever. Donald Trump is no different than this pattern/type, and is just one more. We’ve seen this pattern many, many, many times before. It is part of the mournful round of seeming eternal suffering and damnation the human species appears to be trapped in.

Just like “America” really is no different than any other “country” made up of humans. Humans who are all the life forms that use thought and language, and use it to navigate the forces of life. Who undergo the same experience but in different “countries” with different thought labels/names. In other words, with the same general, over-all, big-picture behavior pattern but just with different specifics.

Instead of “Donal Trump” it’s Stalin, or Adolf Hitler, or Pol Pot, Mussolini, Franco, Castro, Mao Zedong, Kim Jong Un, Rodrigo Duterte, Vladimir Putin, and on, and on, and on.

This is because the “problem of dictators” is not an “American”, “Russian”, “Italian”, “Chinese”, “German”, “Philippine”, “Cambodian” one.

It’s a human problem.

Donald Trump and his cohort, and any other human on the planet exhibiting the exact same behavior patterns is “us”. All of these humans where born and breed within their respective cultures and societies, however each of these “different” cultures and societies really share many of the same collective fundamental human ills.

It almost seems that, if we take a step back and look at humanity as a whole…, we could probably surmise that humanity itself is suffering from its own “narcissism”. It’s insensitive and uncaring. It appears to be unable to feel empathy in any form as it thinks nothing for any other life form, not even those of its own kind as it only want’s what it wants and all be damned who get in the way.

If we examine the situation a little more closely we should soon see that the driving force behind this behavior is “desire”. Unfortunately for us and all the inhabitants of the planet, we live inside the state of “desire”. And this state of desire is a direct result of our unconscious identification with thought and thinking.

So getting back to America staring down the barrel of dictatorship…, it appears that, once again, our lack of awareness will be exacting an incalculable toll on all.

J. Krishnamurti — The structure of self-centred concern

J. Krishnamurti on “Power”

J. Krishnamurti on our dependence on an “outside authority”:




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Supremely active in doing nothing.

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