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“Seeing” Immediately “Resolves” Because It Immediately “Dissolves

Concerned Global Citizen


By coming to immediately “see” the single root cause of all our problems, the myriad of effects of “not seeing” immediately wither away and dissolve into nothing, and then your entire field of “vision” is clear from then on out meaning that, from then on out one is totally, and completely “free to observe” and be with whatever “is”. From then on out you live only with “the fact of what actually is” and life has a fundamentally different quality…, a quality of constant “freshness” or “newness” that can’t really be described, but is instead just “experienced.”

The thing that appears to be “different” about existing in a state of “seeing” then existing in its opposite as many humans currently appear to be, is that one seems to live in “contact” with what is “immediately present.” That is, little to no thoughts involving the “past” or the “future.”

Because “seeing” appears to cause us to live in greater contact with “what immediately is” thoughts involving “past” and “future” diminish, and because these two ideas are responsible for creating fear and desire, one is then able to live a life with much less fear & desire.

As inner conflict arises from “desire” and “fear”, with less of these, one can live a life with much, much less “inner” conflict. Furthermore, because it may be observed that “inner” conflict results in “outer” conflict, this “inner” mutation is capable of changing all life.

Actually, a bit of a correction here:

We are able to live in greater contact with “what is” because we “see” the cause of “desire” and “fear.” We see that the psychological notions of “past” & “present” can only exist alongside the “I/not I” thought. We therefore see the entire structure of “self objectification” and how engaging in it equates to conflict, pain, and suffering.

Also, since I’ve “come to see”, I can also see that humanity is on a crash course with total destruction and devastation and basically sleepwalking over a cliff. And so while coming to see is an utterly immense and auspicious thing as it effects the consciousness of the entirety of humanity, it sort of does no good for the species as a whole if your the only one who sees. It would appear that a “critical mass” is required to begin to move the entire species in a totally new direction, or dimension.

“Seeing” is the sort of thing where, either we all go together, or not at all.

Therefore, it is indescribably important for each and every one us to look, for the survival of our species and the fate of all life hangs in the balance.