The Notions of “Better” And “Worse” = Endless Conflict

Concerned Global Citizen
3 min readNov 25, 2020

The holding of these mental constructs breeds conflict both within us and without.

How is this?

Let’s look together.

When we say “Better” what’s actually happening psychologically? Isn’t it really saying “we want…” or “I want something other than what actually is right now in this present moment?” So immediately we can see that they involve desire in the form of the feeling or sentiment of “I/we want.

We can also see that these notions instantly create a separation, or division in the form of this desired “other” than what is. This separation/division puts us immediately at odds with the present moment’s circumstances/situation and causes us to control, suppress, deny, or otherwise unacknowledged the present in our attempt to obtain the desired “other”.

So these notions place us immediately in conflict with the present and what actually, factually is. So we then suffer all the effects of the nature of conflict which may also be viewed as our constant burning in the states of desire and fear as we attempt to either move towards, or away from this unreal mental projection in order to “fulfill”, or reach this idealized physical/mental/emotional state. This movement in tern creating the phenomena of psychological “becoming” and psychological time which may be seen as the enemy of humanity.

The problem with this whole movement is that it’s a terrible, seemingly endless vicious cycle of being tossed between, and battered about by these two opposing poles of desire and fear, again, all brought about by the creation of this mental projection of the notions of “the better” and “the worse.” These projections in tern involve having to live in a constant state of measurement, comparison, and judgement, and again, ultimately conflict.

These notions lead to endless struggle, competition, hurt, greed, envy, corruption, deceit, and just all that is ill and ugly in us. Our entire culture, society, and indeed, the entire world has been, and continues to be completely captivated by these notions, and also completely engulfed in conflict. Just look and see it for yourself. This is all that’s required. To really, truly, deeply just see it and acknowledge it.

Something needs to be clarified at this point:

The problem is when these notions of “better” and “worse” are used in a subjective sense. That is when they don’t actually correspond to any facts of what actually, presently is. That is they’re not based on any objective empirical data that is easily observable to any and all who are able to observe, but instead are just subjective determinations or judgments.

When used to describe what actually “is” the notions of “better” and “worse” are not “destructive”, but instead can be “constructive” when they are reflective of reality, and by their usage are informative in describing the present set of circumstances. For instance, if someone is physically ill, their condition can be evaluated and described as either “better” or “worse” than some earlier point in time which then serves to inform the present coarse of treatment let’s say.

The scenario described above is an example of thought and languages actual purpose, to be reflective of what actually is, or a mirror and representation of “the fact”.

Please don’t “believe” anything that was said here, but instead please just “see” this entire movement for yourself and then a most incredible transformation will effortlessly occur.

And again, don’t even “believe” that statement, but just look at it for yourself!

J. Krishnamurti — Attention is like a fire