What Is Life For If Not For The Reflection On Life Itself?

Concerned Global Citizen
2 min readNov 27, 2020


What is life for if not to look at? If not to acknowledge? If not to live in constant relation with? In constant reflection of?

If we are everything, as some propose, then we must be all of life. If all there really is is undivided wholeness then to neglect any part of life is to also neglect ourselves. And conversely, to neglect ourselves in any way is also to neglect all of life.

When we fail to acknowledge the “fact of what is” in the present moment we are neglecting some part of life which means we are neglecting the whole of life. When we neglect the whole of life we are neglecting ourselves. So by not acknowledging the “fact of what is” in any given moment of life we are neglecting ourselves.

Since we appear to live in a perpetual state of un-acknowledgement of the fact of what is, then we appear to live in a constant state of “self neglect”, or in a constant state of neglecting of the “whole” of life itself. No wonder we are destroying ourselves.

To “reflect” on life in any way then would appear to be the opposite of this. The act of “reflecting” appears to be the very essence of “acknowledgement” of “the fact of what is”, and so is an acceptance of the whole, or an act of wholeness, or harmony. By reflecting on “what is”, by reflecting on ALL life, doesn’t matter what it is — could be something “outside” of us or something “inside” of us, we come to see and understand that all life is relationship. We come to see that we exist only in relationship, and that it is through our relationship with all of life that we come to know ourselves. Therefore, all of life is but a reflection and a mirror.