The Urgency for Lasting Change and Humanity’s Hunger for Meaning

Concerned Global Citizen
6 min readApr 11, 2019

As we look over the course of our history up to the present, outside of scientific & technological progress, it can be argued that there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of change over the last many thousands of years. What’s being referred to here is a real, lasting, inward psychological change.

We appear to be repeating the same things over, and over, and over, and over, as if we’re caught in a very nasty loop.

Through our activity, we are destroying EVERYTHING. Scientists say we are now undergoing the sixth mass extinction termed “The Anthropocene”. In fact, it may be argued that in the aggregate, our way of living on this planet is a very toxic process with the net effect similar to that of cancer in a human body.

We presently reside between the two very large and bleak twin edifices of global climate instability and nuclear conflagration, not to mention the overall scourge of environmental pollution and degradation.

It is the author’s contention that although scientists are trying their best to layout a timeline for climate destabilization, the truth is that humanity has never gone through anything like this before. It seems like every year they are revising their estimates by reporting that things are occurring much faster than projected. We appear to have succeeded in opening Pandora’s box.

If we were aware of just how frequently we’ve come to the brink of nuclear war if it were not for some unknown Russian or American commanding officer NOT carrying out some order after a “glitch” or “hiccup” in the weapons systems was encountered, we would most likely have difficulty sleeping at night. How long can we manage to do this given the apparent ever-increasing irrationality, tensions, and conflicts of mankind?

There appears to be “a quickening” of sorts occurring… a great convergence of many destructive forces and an intensification of polarization.

Predation, exploitation, and isolation are the apparent laws of the planet and money appears to be the one true god.

It is the author’s belief that we stand poised on the precipice of a most crucial moment in all of our human history. One in which the continued existence of life on this planet in the near future is actually seriously questionable. Therefore, there is a most urgent need for the clarity of prescience as humanity does indeed appear to be “painting itself into a corner”. Indeed, it appears as though it may now be time for us to “grow up or blow up.”

No wonder we often encounter an overwhelming sense of “meaningless” and depression in this modern world, it’s one whose dominant species is basically collectively suiciding.

The nightly news appears to create an entertainment spectacle out of the misery with a subtext of “look at what happened (which shouldn’t have happened)” instead of acknowledging the fact that it IS happening and so what do we need to do about it to stop it from happening as any sane and rational human being would do. Or, it’s other subtext is “look at what happened (which was correct to have happened)” and you need to make sure you behave this way.

Through this constant spectacular draw we are collectively telling ourselves how to feel and how not to feel which appears to then have a “deadening” effect on our natural sensitivity to such horrors. The deadening intern then appears to produce feelings of “detachment”, “isolation”, and/or “separation” and ultimately feelings of “irresponsibility”. This machinated interaction robs us of our ability to feel and experience all of what it’s like to live in this world we have created together as human beings.

When we deny any part of life, we are really denying ALL of life since all of life is indivisible. When we deny any part of life we are attempting to divide the un-dividable. The problem with this is in the act of “attempting” itself.

By denial through avoidance, we miss out on the very things that can provide this much needed meaning and true lasting change. The daily absence of true meaning intern appears as suffering within us in the form of a gnawing sense or feelings of emptiness, loneliness, insignificance, and/or unimportance.

We then attempt to alleviate this suffering through stimulation by, for example, buying “more stuff”, having “more experiences”, eating “more”, sexing “more”, drugging “more”, and just “more” of anything remotely pleasurable in general. This intern leads to what amounts to a bottomless appetite for any kind of stimulation.

The two most precious qualities one might have if attempting to bring about a true, radical, INNER REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS which then intern, is capable of effecting that of the WHOLE of HUMANITY, are:

  1. Sensitivity
  2. Capacity to be completely and totally open to reason and logic without any sort of “agenda.”

When we say “sensitivity” we mean to be sensitive in any way.

As was just mentioned, a significant effect of the nightly news is that it desensitizes us by rapidly bombarding us with repeated tragedy. This format appears to have the effect of short circuiting the normal human process of requiring time to feel, receive, and comprehend the full impact of what is happening, or has happened which appears to be a natural requirement of ours.

What is meant by capacity for logic is to possess a mind that is totally free to look, explore, and inquire using rational and sane logical inference and a yearning to get to the absolute concrete, factual bottom of things.

The author believes all of humankind is capable of possessing these qualities however, due to the varying degrees of “psychological conditioning” that exist between different individuals, some will inevitably have a more difficult time with all of this than others.

What is meant by psychological conditioning is the accumulation of memories from one’s past in the form of cultural, religious, or ethnic beliefs. Preconceived notions, ideologies, or beliefs of any kind in general which have the tendency to shape, alter, or inform our perception of reality and otherwise interfere with our clear “seeing”, or “perception” of the fact of “what is” in one’s presently lived experience.

Therefore, if one where to seriously stop and attempt to examine the current state-of-affairs in a rational, sane, and logical manner, much as say a biologist would study an ant colony just for the sake of understanding everything about it, one would find that there very much does exist the possibility of experiencing clarity in order to achieve a real and lasting change in oneself which would then contribute to the entire transformation of humanity.

Again, impartial and choice-less awareness and observation is an absolute requirement. The difficulty occurring, if there is one at all, is one’s ability to "put aside", or “suspend” the typical immediate reaction to the perception of a problem. The reaction usually taking the form of “we have to think of a solution".

What is needed here is to just remain with the fact of what actually “is”. Just remain with the awareness of the problem. In this awareness there exists the absolute supreme order and intelligence of oneness. Out of one’s own experiencing of this intelligence absolute, correct, sane, rational, and whole behavior is then possible. At this point one just becomes the wave in the ocean, not doing the moving, but being moved. This movement, with its ebb and flow, is absolute and total order in accordance with “what is”…, in accordance with existence itself.

Is any of this true?

Please examine this for yourself without any motive, for if you have a motive it will dictate the answer.